Induction in Optimal Control of Multiple-Kite Airborne Wind Energy Systems


Multiple-kite Airborne Wind Energy Systems (MAWES) aim to decrease inter-mittency and cost over conventional wind turbines, while generating more power than otherairborne wind energy systems. The purpose of this work is to estimate whether axial and angularinduction are relevant phenomena in the modelling of pumping-cycle MAWES with two or morekites. Considering the modelling assumptions, axial induction is a relevant phenomenon andleads to significant changes in design-point, especially with respect to kite mass and secondarytether length. However, angular induction can be neglected in modelling for optimal design andcontrol problems.

Proceedings of the 20th World Congress The International Federation of Automatic Control
Rachel Leuthold
PhD Researcher

Interested in optimal control of a centrifugally stiffened rotor in pumping cycle operation.