Vertical Takeoff and Landing of Flexible Wing Kite Power Systems


In this work, a novel vertical takeoff and landing methodology for flexible wing kite power systems is presented. Starting from a basic mast-based launching and landing concept, the operational envelope will be enlarged using the external assistance of a multicopter. The multicopter is used to drag the kite along a specified launching path until the operational altitude is reached, where the kite is detached and steered to its characteristic parking position while the multicopter lands. The landing of the kite will be conducted without multicopter assistance, and solely the winch will be used to pull the kite toward the ground station. For all maneuvers, flight control algorithms are presented, and the feasibility of the proposed methodology is analyzed using a developed simulation environment incorporating models for the kite, multicopter, ground station, and the tethers that connect the individual subsystems.

Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics
Sebastian Rapp
PhD Researcher

Interested in control system development and data-driven approaches for performance verification of complex control systems.