Modelling and Simulation

Flight Dynamic and Aero-Elastic Analysis of Inflatable Tethered Wings

Mikko Folkersma

Virtual Wind Environment and Flight Simulator for AWE Systems

Thomas Haas

Durable Structural Reinforcements of Large-Scale Fabric Kites

Paul Thedens


A Python toolbox for modelling and optimal control of multiple-kite systems for airborne wind energy harvesting.


A Python tool for downloading [ERA5]( reanalysis data and computing the resource potential of airborne wind energy.


A Finite Element solver specifically developed for the deformation of membrane structures under aerodynamic load.


A [preCICE]( adapter to couple the open source multibody solver [MBDyn]( with a variety of other simulation tools.


A [ROS]( package for simulation, estimation and control of rigid-wing airborne wind energy systems.


Computes properties of a kite flying in crosswind conditions: flight velocity, apparent wind velocity, tether force, generated power, ...