Enhanced Electromechanical Modeling of Asymmetrical Dual Three-Phase IPMSM Drives


Throughout literature, a clear concern for achieving high performance stator current control of asymmetrical dual three- phase IPMSM drives as well as fault tolerant strategies were demonstrated. However, limited attention was given on how to effectively compute, simulate and compare the expected (i.e. simulated) and the practically applied electromechanical torque. This requires an accurate electromechanical model with precise electromechanical torque estimation. This paper presents a high fidelity direct-quadrature (dq) model capable of describing the generated electromechanical torque. The presented method is based on obtaining the non-linear flux linkage maps as well as describing the harmonic models, which contribute to the average and ripple torque, respectively. The flux linkage maps contribute in the tuning of the stator current controllers and electromechanical torque computation, which is compared to the computed torque from the manufacturer parameters and literature. The proposed model does not require previous knowledge concerning geometric and machine design data. The results coincide to a high extent with the experimental validations on a 2.5 kW asymmetrical dual three-phase IPMSM prototype.

2018 IEEE 27th International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE)
Hisham Eldeeb
PhD Researcher

Interested in fault-tolerant control of multi-phase electrical drives for AWE systems.