Final report for AWESCO submitted to EU

After four years the final project report was submitted to the funding agency.

With every research project also come some administrative tasks. This also holds for our doctoral training network AWESCO, which officially ended in December 2018. I have just finished the final technical report and submitted this to the EU project officer. It describes the exciting and rewarding collaboration with 16 talented Marie Skłodowska Curie fellows and their equally talented supervisors from industry and academia. Launched in 2015, the project spanned a period of 4 years and majorly advanced the knowledge about airborne wind energy generation, especially in the targeted areas of system design, computational modeling, control and optimization.

The public summary of the report can be accessed from here and the illustrations are added as a gallery below.

Roland Schmehl
Associate Professor

Interested in multi-disciplinary research and computational fluid dynamics.