Pre and Post-fault Current Control of Dual Three-Phase Reluctance Synchronous Drives


This paper presents the pre- and post-fault stator current control structures for symmetrical dual three-phase reluctance synchronous machines (SDT-RSMs) with different neutral-point configurations The effect of winding chording and rotor saliency on the space harmonic mapping among different subspaces is investigated This proves on one hand that the control structure in the pre-fault case can be simplified, while on the other hand shows that the derived harmonic mapping in literature is insufficient to ensure high performance operation in the post-fault operation Moreover, the machine non-linearities are identified, through which the maximum-torque-per-ampere (MTPA) loci are obtained and employed in the pre- and post-fault cases The theoretical findings are corroborated with finite element simulations and experimental validations on a 3 kW SDT-RSM prototype

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
Hisham Eldeeb
PhD Researcher

Interested in fault-tolerant control of multi-phase electrical drives for AWE systems.