Computationally Efficient Predictive Direct Torque Control Strategy for PMSGs without Weighting Factors


This paper proposes a computationally efficient Predictive Torque Control (PTC) technique for permanent-magnet synchronous generators (PMSGs) without weighting factors. The proposed control strategy is based on computing the q-axis reference current from the demanded torque. Furthermore, the d-axis reference current is set to zero to achieve the maximum torque per ampere (MTPA) operation of the PMSG. Then, the reference voltage vector (VV) is directly computed from the reference current vector using the deadbeat principle. Finally, according to the location of this reference VV, only three evaluations of the cost function are required. The cost function includes only the error between the reference VV and the candidates ones, which eliminates the need of weighting factors. Therefore, the proposed control scheme overcomes the following drawbacks of the classical PTC: 1) High calculation burden, and 2) tuning of the weighting factors. Experimental results using a dSPACE DS1007 realtime platform and a 14.5 kW PMSG are presented to verify the feasibility of the proposed control method.

PCIM Europe 2018; International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management